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PVC Cards System

Cardboard ID cards crease and tear easily; they don't take ink so well and can leave colors and logos looking flat and lifeless.

They also require cutting, much cut and paste manipulations and can easily be copied.

PVC cards are more durable, print better and quicker.

Custom finishes can increase visual impact dramatically.

There's no need for bulk equipment or professional operation.

Barcode Card


Most PVC cards are the size of credit cards, following the ISO standard CR80

(85.6mm x 54mm (3.375" x 2.125").




1. Vivid color and high resolution photo quality.

2. High gloss, water resistant with tight and smooth edge pvc cards.

3. High quality.

4. Quick, easy, customized and professional id cards

5. Durable.



Magnetic Stripe Card

 A magnetic stripe card is a type of PVC card with a band of magnetic material embedded into resin on the back of the card. The magnetic stripe is read by physical contact and swiping past areading head.

Magnetic stripe cards are commonly used in credit and identity cards.

A magstripe encoder is available for all Magicard printers.



Barcode Card

A barcode is the first level of encoding and the most widely used. The information is encoded onto the card during the printing process.

HID cards are simply proximity cards branded by the HID global corporation, a worldwide leader in proximity cards and access control. Like other proximity and RFID cards, an HID card is simply an ID card which enables proximity technology in its everyday functions. HID cards, as well as other types of RFID cards and smart cards, are popular for access control, as well as other functions like public transportation and employee ID.

Radio frequency identification, or RFID, is a generic term for technologies that use radio waves to automatically identify people or objects.

There are several methods of identification, but the most common is to store a serial number that identifies a person, object or other information, on a microchip attached to an antenna.